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Whatever the brief, we will deliver

team appreciation

We have a long standing relationship with one of our clients, Spear of Fame. We have been working with them for over 5 years and have basically integrated as part of their incredible team.

Each year we are asked to organise their corporate lunches and team appreciation events, each having a different brief. The latest was ‘quirky, fun and something for everyone’ so we took the team to the Cuckoo Restaurant in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. There was a feast, yodelling, lots of laughs and their staff walked away with traditional German hats from their audience participation.

Over the years we have organised many lunches, all with different briefs; from Italian with espresso martinis to elegant and simple. We have catered to each of them with a positive, friendly, can-do attitude and their team continue to thoroughly enjoy them all.

"A knack for being personable and professional. White Knight Events is so much more than an events company and the moment you engage with them, you will never look anywhere else"

 - Umit, Managing Director, Spear of Fame

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