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A great way to connect

while disconnected

"Thank you so much for putting these together, the isopacks are being so well received!  People are loving them and really feel like they are a warm hug!"

  - Kaylie Burrows, Clear Horizon

We are in unprecedented, challenging times with COVID-19 in Australia and especially Melbourne at the moment. The events industry has been hit hard and while we think of innovative ways we can take your events virtual or hybrid, we thought we would give you a way to connect with your teams.

With so many working from home, isolation packs have been giving our clients a great way to touch base with their teams, supporters and stakeholders. White Knight Events works with you to determine what your aim is; a warm hug, positive disruption, creating smiles, supporting locally or simply to connect.

We then source items, individually pack and send them.

We can even send wine to your team for Friday night Zoom drinks or include tea and positive themed cookies for a morning tea catch up.


We will make it through!

We had some big plans this year and were really excited to produce some amazing events. With COVID-19 still tearing through the world, events have been postponed and cancelled with so many greatly impacted.

We are all in this together and there will be an end to this pandemic; at which time everyone will be busting to celebrate, connect, party and gather.

We will make it through and White Knight Events will still be here to help you plan, produce and organise.

Stay well everyone!

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